Ikebana Mini Lessons #8

In this article, we introduce you the technique of various shoka styles using much loved plants “Kakitsubata(Iris laevigata). The 8th topic is about, Kakitsubata arranged in “Chudan Nagashi” style.

The technique of Chudan (middle part) Nagashi uses nagashi as soe or ashirai in the middle part. When using nagashi as soe, it extends upward along shin. Then, it curves to yo-kata (yang side) above the level of koshi (the point of the curve) of shin. Or, its attached branch is raised toward the middle part while the soe is flowed from a lower position.

For nagashi as ashirai, ushiro (back) ashirai of in-kata (yin side) extends around the level of koshi of shin toward the in-kata. In this case, soe usually extends upward without flowing sideways.

 The attached picture is the work which ashirai of soe in yin-side is used as nagashi. The ashirai leaf extends backward around the middle level of shin (middle part). As of the picture, the rising soe branch gives a good balance in the entire work.