For the shipment option, “DHL” (international courier service, 1 to 3 days at shortest for delivery) is included in addition to “Express”, “Standard (airmail)”, “Surface” (seamail) in order of the speed. For DHL shipment, we ask your kind understanding that the shipment fee will be charged separately later, while you pay for the items only at the time of check-out. Therefore, even though it shows “free” on choosing the DHL, we will accordingly charge you the shipment later. 

*The amount of DHL shipment cannot be computed until packing is completed, because the larger figure of either actual weight or “volume weight” which is calculated from the size of the package, should be considered in case of DHL, unlike only the actual weight should be considered for postal service (Express, Standard, Surface). 

Since we have a special contact about the amount of shipping (relatively cheaper) with DHL, in case of order of small items only, it should be cheaper (and speedier) compared to postal airmail! It only takes 2-4 days by DHL whereas it will take about a week to two depending on the area you live by airmail.  

The following list are just examples (the actual amount may vary) 

For 20 packs of wires: 
Taiwan and Korea JPY2,500 (DHL) / JPY2,750 (airmail) 
Hong Kong and Macao JPY2,700 (DHL) / JPY3,700 (airmail) 
Other Asian countries JPY2,800 (DHL) / JPY3,700 (airmail) 
Oceania JPY3,100(DHL) / JPY6,000(airmail) 
Europe JPY3,500(DHL) / JPY6,000 (airmail) 
North America JPY3,900(DHL)/JPY6,700 (airmail) 

For 4 books: 
Taiwan and Korea: JPY2,400(DHL) / JPY2,750 (airmail) 
Hong Kong and Macao JPY2,600 (DHL) / JPY3,700 (airmail) 
Other Asian countries JPY2,700 (DHL) / JPY3,700 (airmail) 
Oceania JPY2,900(DHL) / JPY6,000 (airmail) 
Europe JPY3,400(DHL) / JPY6,000 (airmail) 
North America JPY3,800(DHL) / JPY6,700 (airmail) 

As of December 1, 2023, we got a further discount from DHL. Thus, we strongly recommend you this option if you would like to receive your order immediately. Please try it once!