Special feature for 2024
Free Style -Ikebana for exhibition, Ikebana for daily-
Two ikebana using same materials but for different occasion.
other... inspired from flower, inspired from vase, the method for expression -complete and accentuate-
Shoka -Arrange Shussho, Arrange an Encounter-
Isshuike of showing flower's shusso, Nishuike and Sanshuikeof cherishing the encounter of flowers
others...basic of Shoka, how to make a most of Shu with You and Ashirai
Rikka -Tips of Arranging Flowers, Sankasho-zukai, Nikasho-zukai-
Show the difference of Sankasho-zukai and Nikasho-zukai to deepen the understanding of Rikka Shofutai.
others...basic of Rikka

Language: Japanese
Publisher: Nihon Kadosha
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Special Feature for 2024

Appreciation of Tatehana -Sugu-shin and Noki-shin-
Tatehana is becoming popular among Ikenobo learner. Two kind of Tatehana works using seasonal flowers will be on the magazine in every issue. 

Tips for Sketching
Professor Saburo Inoue keep telling his students about the importance of sketching for creating ikebana. His sketching of rikka works will be on the magazine for 2024.

Language: Japanese 
*also including some article written in English.
Publisher: Nihon Kadosha
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