More to Learn Shoka (Chinese)

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This is the Chinese translation (written in traditional character) of the "Motto Iketai Shoka". Recommended to intermediate-level students.

Note: English version (item code: 10249400) and Japanese version (item code: 10248700) are available too. 


Describing about various types of denka and henkakei.


  • Introduction
  • Basic Shoka
  • Shoka Gokajo(Five Traditional Articles)
  • Shichishuden(Seven Special teachings)
  • Henkakei(Special Floral Patterns)
  • Shoka Betsuden(Special Shoka Teachings)
  • Iris Leavigata
  • Other ways to Create Shoka shogutai
  • shoka shimputai
  • Afterword
  • Floral Material Index

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Publisher : Nihon Kadosha Co., Ltd
Language : Chinese
Size : B5
Page : 160 pages

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