An Invitation To Ikenobo vol. 4 Rikka I

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Textbook in English covering basic rikka with detailed explanation and colorful diagrams & photos.

 Detail diagrams of each yakueda.

Naraimono nanakajyo is the first densho instruction book of rikka, which is granted to those who acquired a diploma of No.7 "Junkakan" (Instructor of Ikebana, 2nd grade).  


  • Ikebana history and the development of rikka
  • Yakueda, ashirai
  • Functions of the yakueda
  • Sashiguchi and kusa-michi
  • The satyles of rikka
  • Ikebana tools and mechanics
  • Koten rikka
  • Meiji rikka
  • Naraimono nanakajo

Product details
Publisher : Nihon Kadosha Co., Ltd
Language : English
Size : B5
Page : 36 pages

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