At Pondside - Seventy Years in Ikebana (English)

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This is the English translation of a collection of essays "Ike no Hotori" written by the Headmaster Sen'ei Ikenobo, who commemorates on the year 2015, his 70th anniversary of the accession of the Ikenobo Headmaster.
In this book are 31 works of the essay composed at his fancy, with photos full of his memories.
This book is a must-read, containing the essence of ikebana and life lessons for all those who study ikebana.

Note: Chinese version (item code: 10343000) and Japanese version (item code: 10342700) are available too. 



  • To our Readers
  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  • Infinityy in the Minimal
  • Mask and Face
  • Flowers not to be "Arranged"
  • Perverse
  • Father's Garden
  • What Creates the Culuture?
  • Questioning
  • Doubting the Model
  • Creation by Feet, not Hands
  • Culuture by head, Culiture by Heart
  • New Breeze
  • Dignity
  • Learning from Ink Painting
  • Sign
  • Lead and Support
  • What Training Gave Me
  • Here Again
  • Respect for Another
  • Individuality
  • Temple with Swans
  • How Teachers Should be
  • Beauty of Life
  • My Syria Report
  • Memory of My Asense
  • Milestone
  • Message from Ayu
  • Keeping the Soil for Ikebana
  • Knowing the Genuine Article
  • The Promise of the Flower Buds
  • Walking together
  • My Wish

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Publisher : Nihon Kadosha Co., Ltd
Language : English
Size : A5
Page : 126 pages

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