Ikenobo Shoka Denka no Ikekata (reprint)

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Reprint of the detailed textbook with drawings of "Denka" style in shoka. which were published in 1954, by Prof. Shuntei Goto, who was a disciple of the 42th Headmaster Sensho Ikenobo.

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Publisher : Nihon Kadosha Co., Ltd
Language : Japanese (In Japanese only, No translation in English or Chinese)
Page : 128 pages


Shoka Gokajo (Five Articles of Instruction)
-Shochikubai (pine, bamboo, plum)
-Three boat arrangements (debune:outgoing, iribune:incoming, tomaribune:anchored)
-Berries, leaf materials, vines
-Flowering cherry
-Autumn maple

Shichi-shuden (Seven Teachings)
-Basho (Japanese banana), lotus, narcissus, omoto(Rhodea japonica), one bloom of camellia, tree peony, morning glory

Shoka Betsuden (Special Shoka Teachings)
-Jodan Nagashi (nagashi branch on the upper level of shoka)
-Chudan Nagashi (on the mid level)
-Gedan Nagashi (on the lower level)

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