Ikenobo Tissue Paper (Kaishi)

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Design: sheet1.(left photo)1.Spring(pink)(magnolia)(top left)
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With the design of the "Soka Hyakki", drawings of shoka by the 40th Headmaster Senjo Ikenobo.

added new design 4

sheet1.(left photo)
1.Spring(pink)(magnolia)(top left)
2.Summer(green)(morning glory)(bottom left)
3.Autumn(brown)(aspidistra)(top middle)
4.Winter(blue)(winterberry,camelia) (bottom middle)
5.Cherry and pigeon(pink)(top right)
6.Willow and rokkakudo (green)(bottom right)

sheet2.(Second from left)
7.Shoka(Purple)(top left)
8.Logo(gray)(bottom left)
9.Jizo(brown)(top right)
10.Rikka(black)(bottom right)

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