Ikenobo Ikebana Textbook vol. 1 Shoka I (English)

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The long-selling basic of shoka.  This is readed for over 30years.
They are the best textbooks for beginners of shoka or practitioners who would like to study shoka again from the beginning.

Note: Chinese version (item code: 10215700) and Japanese version (item code: 10215500) are available too. 


Very detailed explanation of shoka.

A lot of examples of Isshuike, nishuike, sanshuike.



  • History and Floral Patterns of Shoka
  • Shoka Shofutai 
  • Examples for Practice
  • Technique and Tools

Product details
Publisher : Nihon Kadosha Co.,Ltd
Language : English
Size : B5
Page : 53pages

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