Ikebana Mini Lessons #4

In this article, we introduce you the technique of various shoka styles using much loved plants“Kakitsubata(Iris laevigata). The 4th topic is about, Kakitsubata arranged in summertime.

Around May, Kakitsuba flowers grow higher than leaves and the number of flowers also increases. Later in July and August, some leaves droop or curve a bit or even some parts are eaten by worms. These leaves are also used for shoka. Special floral patterns like Kakehana (hanging style) or Tsuribana (suspended style) should be appreciated this season.

The work in the picture is, shoka of Kakitsubata arranged with 5 flowers in summertime. Flowers should be positioned high and leaves low, with extra number of leaves in a relaxed style. Curving or drooping leaves are used as Ushiro-ashirai of Shin and Soe. This work gives a cool feeling of waterside in a hot summer.