Ikebana Mini Lessons #5

In this article, we introduce you the technique of various shoka styles using much loved plants“Kakitsubata(Iris laevigata). The 5th topic is about, “Enchi-ike” style.

A gyodo-ike work arranged compactly in a space within the handles in a suspended-style vase like Setsugetsuka (literally means, “snow, moon, flower) is called Enchi-ike. This style reflects the scenery of flowers in a pond viewed from a distance.

Both okabu (male group) of shin and so, and mekabu (female group) of tai should be arranged compactly so that they do not extend beyond the handles. not just the kakitsuba, but also Nuphar japonicum and arrowhead leaves are used in this style.

Gyodo-ike style will be explained soon. We hope you will like it.

Two flowers are used for okabu and one flower for mekabu in a work in the picture. Small flowers should be selected so that overall work can be arranged compactly. Although a minimum number of leaves are simply used in this work, both tai-za of okabu and soe-za of mekabu are noticeable. In case soe leaf hits the handle, the tip of leaf should be gently curved with care, so that it must not be lower than the tip of tai-saki leaf.