Ikebana Mini Lessons #6

In this article, we introduce you the technique of various shoka styles using much loved plants“Kakitsubata(Iris laevigata). The 6th topic is about, difference of Hanashobu (Iris ensata) and Kakitsubata (Iris laevigata).


Hanashobu looks very similar to Kakitsubata. The biggest difference for arranging is (1) how to rearrange leaves and (2) how to position flowers. The attached picture is the sketch of shoka work of Hanashobu, which is disassembled, with each batch seen from the front.

(1) how to rearrange leaves

For a set of two leaves, the shorter leaf comes in front and longer one behind. In case of a set of three leaves, the middle one should be in the highest position. For the detail, see the attached picture (sketch).

(2) how to position flowers

Flowers should be positioned above the leaves, describing the impression of flowers blooming and growing as if vying with each other. Therefore, usually, flowers should be used mainly for shin, soe and its ashirai, while only leaves used for tai. However, in some cases bud should be slightly higher than the normal position of tai, if using a larger number of flowers in the arrangement.