Ikebana Mini Lessons #7

In this article, we introduce you the technique of various shoka styles using much loved plants “Kakitsubata(Iris laevigata). The 7th topic is about, Kakitsubata arranged in “Jodan Nagashi” style.

Nagashi literally means a branch with a flowing line. The technique of Jodan (upper part) Nagashi uses nagashi as shin or ashirai of shin. When using nagashi as shin, a branch should be added to the original position of shin as “shin-za”. Tsukieda (attached branch) or an additional leaf (in case of leaf material) are used for za. For nagashi as ashirai of shin, ushiro (back) ashirai of in-kata (yin side)  usually flows toward the same direction.

In the work of the attached picture, the shin branch is used as nagashi to the front, with the next tallest leaf (on the right of shin) positioned as “shin-za”. In this way “shin-za” should be shorter than normal shin.