1. Definition of Personal Information

The personal information is any information that identifies a specific individual by name, residential address, phone number or e-mail address or the like. There may be cases that we ask the customers for the personal information in ordering or applying for special sales. If you do not agree with this policy, we request you not to provide us any personal information.

2. Secure Management of Personal Information

Personal information supplied by the customers is protected by chief administrator through an appropriate management system. To provide leakage, we impose strict limits on those who has access rights to our personal information database, and carry out necessary and appropriate supervision of the employees. Moreover, unauthorized access by external parties is prevented through t he implmentation of security measures. In case the personal information is shared with or entrusted to a third party, appropriate supervision will be carried out in order to maintain confidentiality.
Chief Administrator: Masafumi Ikenobo (President)

3. Utilization of Personal Information

We use the personal information provided by customers for advertizing the customers some servises on products or special sales only. Please inform us if you do not want to receive these notifications.

4. Restriction on Provision to Third Parties

We do not provide your personal information to a third party without obtaining your prior consent, except the advertizement of our products or special sales, or a case in which the disclosure of personal information is requested by any law or state organs (police and law court).

5. Personal Information Disclosure & Correction

We will disclose or correct or delete the personal information without delay if you request, except in cases that the disclosure is likely to impede the proper execution of Nihon Kadosha's business, or is likely to harm your life, body, property or any other right or interest.

6. Cookies

There may be cases that cookie is used to make customers shopping convenient. The cookie is a text file code that is sent to your device to enable our systems to recognize your device. Cookies sent from this website does not contain any specific information that identifies an individual. It is possible to set your browser to refuse cookies. In that case some functions may not work properly for some services though you can browse our website. Any cookie sent from any other website is not in our control.

7. Access Log

Once any customer accesses our website, the operation information is automatically recorded as "Access Log". Though the access log does not contain any specific information that identifies any individual, it is collected only for the purpose of :

  1. To improve the conveniency of our website
  2. To investigate the cause of any problem
  3. For statistical analyze of the number of visitors to our website

8. Disclaimer for Links on Our Website

We promise to make our maximum efforts to protect the privacy of our customers. However, we retain no control over any website of a third party that has link on our website and any visitor to that website is subject to the privacy policy set by that party.

9. SSL

This website uses an encryption method called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to ensure handling of all information provided, such as request for information material, and to prevent leakage.

10. Revision of Privacy Policy

We request you to check the privacy periodically, since this is subject to be revised without prior notice.