Ikebana Mini Lesson #1

In this article, we introduce you the technique of various shoka styles using much loved plants “Kakitsubata” (Iris laevigata). The first is about, “How to Rearrange Leaves”.

Kakitsubara leaves grow in clumps. These leaves should be rearranged before being positioned for Ikenobo shoka. A batch of three leaves should be used as tai, and batches of two leaves should be used for the rest. The important points are;
1) The tallest leaf is positioned in front.
2) The tips of each leaf (curves like claw) should be facing each other.
3) The concave side on the surface is regarded as the upper side (and convex side as underside), and same sides should be facing each other.

However, only a single leaf can be allowed to use as needed. In this case the tip of the leaf should be facing to shin.
Finally, these rearranged leaves all should face their upper sides to shin flower.