Anthology of the 2018 Ikenobo Autumn Tanabata Exhibition Works

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Collection of the works at the Ikenobo's annual largest ikebana exhibition

Collection of the several works at the Ikenobo largest ikebana exhibition, with origins in the Tanabata Gathering held at the Imperial Court during the early Edo Period (17th Century) by the emperor Gomizuno-o, who appreciated rikka.

works: Headmaster Sen'ei Ikenobo, Headmaster Designate Senko (4th) Ikenobo, Mika Ikenobo, Ikenobo Headquarters professors, selected works of the classes in the Ikenobo Headquarters Central Training Institute, judged competition (with a brief comment by the judges)

The back issues are available (some issues are not in stock).


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Publisher : Nihon Kadosha Co., Ltd
Language : Japanese (no translation in English or Chinese)
Page : 148 pages

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