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An epoch-making flower picture book that you can search from "flower color" without knowing the name.
880 popular flowers are posted

A flower picture book that allows you to search for cut flowers by relying on "color".
"Pink" "Red" "Yellow" "Orange" "Brown" "Blue" "Purple" "white" and "green",
Available in 9 colors,  880 kinds of flowers, grasses and fruits are posted.

If you open the chapter of the color you want to find,
You can find the desired flower by using the photo as a clue.
In the latter half of each chapter, there are 20 popular flower shops
126 examples of bouquets and arrangements are posted.
It is useful for creating a concrete image of flower gifts.
The lineup of white flowers is also substantial.

Product details
Language : Japanese (No English or Chinese)
Size : deformity B5
Page : 160 pages

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