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This is the Chinese translation (written in traditional character) of the "Motto Iketai Rikka". Recommended to intermediate-level students. This is a must-read book for those who want to learn more about rikka. All of denka style is included in this textbook. Reading this textbook is the path to getting advanced skills.

Note: English version (item code: 10249200) and Japanese version (item code: 10248500) are available too. 


Detailed explanation of sashikuchi; the place of each flower material.


  • Introduction
  • Fundamentals of Rikka Shofutai
  • Basic Process of Creating a Rikka Work
  • Naraimono Nanakajyo (Seven Studies)
  • Rikka Jukyukajo (Nineteen Teachings for Rikka)
  • Sunanomono
  • Emphasis and Omission~Variation of Vases
  • The Transition from Rikka Shofutai to Rikka shimputai
  • Afterword
  • Floral material Index

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Publisher : Nihon Kadosha Co., Ltd
Language : Chinese
Size : B5
Page : 160 pages


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