Tetahana no Tobira (Guide to Tatehana)

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This book is to answers the question “How to start learning tatehana”, by giving you basic ideas of tatehana referencing “Sen’no Kuden.” 40 tatehana works by professors of Ikenobo Central Institute of Ikebana is included and will give you a great hint to arrange tatehana. This book also describes its historical backgrounds, construction, floral materials, and vases for tatehana.
*Please note that this book is written in Japanese and no description in English.

Page 4-5

Page 4 To start leaning Tatehana
Page 18: Vase for Tatehana
Page 24: Rikka Shofutai and Tatehana
Page 26: Rikka Shinputai and Tatehana
Page 28: About Komiwara
Page 29: Tatehana in Every Seasons 

Size: 14.8 * 21cm
Pages: 74

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