Translation Booklet of Shimputai Soron (English & Chinese)

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The translation booklet of Shimputai Soron. Both English and Chinese translation are recorded.
*Please note that this booklet is only contain article, no photo included.

Shimputai Soron is sold separately.


  • Passing Seasons
  • Thoughts of Our Ancestors
  • An Overview of Ancestors
  • An Overview of Shimputai
  • Arrangements and Comments, Shoka Shimputai
  • An Overview of Shoka Shimputai
  • Arrangements and Cmments,Rikka Shimputai
  • An Overview of Rikka shimputai
  • An Overview of shimputai

 Product details

Publisher : Nihon Kadosha Co.,Ltd
Language : English / Chinese
Size : B5
Page : 64 pages

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